Anna Chan

Is a New York based artist and jewelry designer

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 with a BFA in Jewelry and Light Metals.  Her 20+ years career in the jewelry industry designing for her own label and consulting for other brands was interrupted in 2020 due to Covid lockdown.  With idyll hands and lots of creative energy, Anna found solace at her local beach along with her ten years old daughter. A simple idea to create a sea turtle in sand with seashells as decorations sparked her curiosity and the plan to create twelve sand and seashell sculptures to fill a calendar.  By fall with her mission completed and her vision well defined, Anna created a studio in her garage.  Unlike sand castles at the beach, Anna’s sand sculptures are permanent wall reliefs depicting mostly wildlife with seashells collected from her local beach.  Her work calls attention to the delicate balance in nature and the life around us that goes unnoticed.